What is Skip Tracing?

What is Skip Tracing?

What is Skip Tracing in Real Estate?

Skip tracing in real estate is the process of locating the owner of a certain property. Investors use skip tracing to get the contact information of distressed property owners in order to reach great investment opportunities. Another use case for skip tracing in Real Estate is to locate another investor (also known as “cash buyer”) who bought the property you are searching for.

Skip tracing usually provides the phone numbers of the requested contact, their email address and additional info that allows the option to reach out to them.

Distressed properties are sometimes abandoned by their owners or just being set aside to deal with later. These owners may be motivated sellers who are willing to offer investors a great deal.

In addition to investors, real estate agents use skip tracing as well as a method of finding sellers. They may also have investors contact them to track down the owner of a property they’re interested in.

Skip tracing in real estate is the process of locating the owner of a property, it can be an individual, Trust or LLC. Real estate investors use skip tracing to find good investment opportunities. It is the act of finding someone

You may have heard of skip tracing for tracking down a fugitive who skipped town or serving a subpoena. The resources available for these purposes are also quite beneficial for getting real estate leads.

Most of our customers will simply upload their list and we’ll locate the information they need. We provide instant results so that you’ll find the right individuals that you’re looking for with ease. We also provide additional information if the property is an absentee owner, the equity %, notify users if the property is vacant, verify if the address is a USPS deliverable address, and verify if the property owner is on the national litigator list.

How to get distressed real estate leads for skip tracing?

Buying distressed properties leads is quite easy, our customers use websites like PropStream, Lead Sherpa, Batch Leads and List Source in order to get them. Once they buy the lists from them they use SkipTracing AI’s bulk upload to track the contact information of the owners of the leads they submitted.

What is the cost of skip tracing?

The price of bulk skip tracing depends on your volume. Services like LexisNexis will charge you per usage (around $0.24 per lead) while other services like LeadSherpa will charge you a monthly subscription ($400 per month according to their website).
We charge our customers $0.06-$0.18 per lead based on their usage, no hidden fees. For more information about SkipTracing AI’s pricing read our pricing page.

Skiptracing AI® is the artificial intelligence skip tracing service for residential real estate. We harness the power of AI to get high-quality data and create a competitive advantage for smart investors. 


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