Batch Skip Tracing

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First things first. What Is Batch Skip Tracing?

Batch skip tracing stands as an efficient alternative for businesses, enabling the execution of multiple searches simultaneously. While individual searches serve well for acquiring data on a few persons, they can incur high costs, detracting from your company's benefits. Opting for batch skip tracing offers a more cost-effective solution, ensuring you obtain the necessary information without overspending.

Who Benefits from Batch Skip Tracing?

A diverse range of industries that handle substantial data volumes can leverage batch processing. The demand for processing large datasets varies, potentially increasing as your business expands. It's crucial to choose a batch skip tracing solution that scales with your enterprise, accommodating fluctuating data processing needs.

What Insights Does Batch Skip Tracing Provide?

Batch skip tracing unveils comprehensive details vital for locating individuals and gaining insights into your targets. This method can disclose connections to relatives and associates, records of judgments and liens, bankruptcy filings, property ownership, and more. Rather than investing extensive time and resources in consecutive individual searches, batch processing allows you to acquire a wealth of information in a single step, delivering the sought-after data efficiently.

How is Skip Tracing AI's Batch Skip Tracing different?

The Unique Approach of Skip Tracing AI

At Skip Tracing AI, we set ourselves apart from the competition through our innovative approach to batch skip tracing. Unlike many companies that rely on a single data source, we harness the power of multiple datasets. This multi-source strategy enables us to gather a broader spectrum of information.

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning

What truly distinguishes our service is the integration of advanced AI and machine learning technologies. These tools allow us to sift through thousands of individual identifiers to pinpoint the most relevant and up-to-date data. Our sophisticated algorithms analyze and cross-reference this vast array of information, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Delivering Accurate and Consolidated Data

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at data collection. Skip Tracing AI goes a step further by providing a consolidated result that combines all the obtained information. This means you receive the most accurate and comprehensive data available, enabling you to make informed decisions and take action with confidence.

How do you Batch Skip Trace on our platform?

Let's have a look at the four simple steps required to take your file of names and addresses to a completed exportable lead list:

  1. Upload file: Upload your file in the required format (.csv or .xlsx) ensuring that you at minimum have the First Name, Last Name, and Full Address.
  2. Categorize data: Mapping your data is critical to ensuring that our algorithms have the correct fields to work with. Our visual tool makes it extremely easy to map:
    • Source fields: The column headers from your uploaded file.
    • Destination fields: The required fields for skip tracing. Select the corresponding destination field for each source field.
  3. Preview your mapped data: You will receive a preview of your data to ensure successful mapping. Provide a name for your file to track and search it in your upload history.
  4. Finalize request: You'll see a screen resembling a checkout screen, showing your current balance, and the *estimated credits required. Click the "process file" button, and you'll receive a notification and an email once the file is processed.

The time that it takes to complete an uploaded file purely depends on the amount of data that was uploaded. Based on our historical performance our current per record processing time is 200 milliseconds or 0.200 seconds which is incredibly fast. For example, if you were to upload a file with 1,500 records it would take approximately 5 minutes to be completed and returned to your account.

*Estimated credits is the initial amount of credits taken out of your balance. Once your file has been processed and the number of hits have been calculated your balance will be debited with the records that were considered "non-hit" ensuring your credits are only reduced if there was a successful hit.

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